Wednesday, 27 July 2016

TOP 10 Most Beautiful Beaches, That You Probably Have Never Seen

1. Rabbit Beach, Italy

Rabbit Beach on the Italian island of Lampedusa is located between Sicily and Tunisia.
Rabbit Beach, according to many experts is one of the best beaches in Europe and one of the must-see places while you are travel Italy. However, it is not easy to get to.  Despite that, you canrent a car in Italy or get a taxi to drive to the beach, the last 10-20 minutes have to do on a winding mountain trail by foot.
The beach sand is white and fine. It is very shallow for over 150 meters from the shores of the sea. But it is great to rent a canoe, explore caves and admire a small tuna following the boat. This place is also excellent for diving. If you are lucky, you could see large sea turtles (Carretta-Carretta), sailing here in late August to lay their eggs. Note, that as long as the turtles are hatching, it is forbidden to visit the western part of the beach.

So if you are planning soon to travel to Italy – be sure to visit the island of Lampedusa with its wonderful Rabbit Beach.

2. Falesia Beach. Portugal, Albufeira

Falesia beach is one of the most beautiful. It is a quiet peaceful place, that has caves and cliffs on the shore. It is a blue flag beach. This international award is presented annually since 1987 for beaches and piers, where the water meets the highest quality standards and is suitable for safe swimming. Translated from the Portuguese “Falesia”- “rocky beach.” It is stretched out along the chain of red rocks. Beach impresses with its colors, shimmers in the sun rocks and ruins of an ancient fortress.

3.  Blue Lagoon Beach. Turkey, Oludeniz

Blue Lagoon Beach is located in the village Oludeniz, that is about 15 km from Fethiye, Turkey. From all sides it is surrounded by mountains. Downhill you can see pomegranate trees. You will like sandy and flat bottom sea, emerald water and a variety of marine life.

4. Sarakiniko Beach. Greece, Milos Island

Sarakiniko is a volcanic white beach. This landscape leaves no one indifferent. A cozy bay with warm turquoise water, an underwater rocks, stone arches, solid white stony underfoot, and the feeling of being on a different planet.
The seabed along this beach is sandy, which makes it possible to dive, watching the beauty of the Ionian Sea. Continental Sarakiniko is a quite place that it is little known to tourists.

5. Porto Pollo Beach. Italy, Sardinia

Porto Pollo is a true wonder of nature with golden fine sand, lapped by the emerald sea. Shallow and sandy bottom. Remote from the crowds, it had become a favorite place for fans of quiet rest and windsurfers. Its length is about 3.5 kilometers. There are many restaurants, bars, some resorts and surfing schools here.
6. Palombaggia Beach. France, Corsica, Porto-Vecchio

The town of Porto Vecchio is conveniently located on the hills with the most beautiful Corsican Palombaggia beach. The veil of pine and juniper aroma, that grows everywhere, accompanies the beauty of the place. Turquoise warm sea and soft, white, clean sand makes Palombaggia one of the most favorite holiday destination of wealthy Italians.
7. Ghajn Tuffieha Bay Beach. Malta

Ghajn Tuffieha Beach will appeal to those who are tired of civilization and a standard beach holiday. Virgin bay, almost untouched nature, golden sand, clear water -you can reach it by foot. It’s worth it. All area is surrounded by lush vegetation, the beach is literally filled with the atmosphere of peace.
8. Playa de Aucanada. Spain, The island of Mallorca, Alcudia

Beach Playa de Aucanada is stretched for many miles. It is good because it gives an opportunity not only to wallow and sunbath, but also to walk with the camera, stopping periodically at an ancient Roman ruins. Velvety white sand, wooden piers, stunningly clear water with shoals of colorful fish make it all a perfect getaway place. Some parts of the beach are blown by strong winds, which is very attractive for paragliders.
9. Bournemouth Beach. United Kingdom, Bournemouth

Bournemouth is a favorite beach of British. It is covered by high cliffs and has a special microclimate. An ideal place for relaxation: the golden sand, the most warm and clean throughout the UK sea water, a special section for those wishing to devote time to water sports, great views of the islands Parbek and White.
10. Barleycove Beach. Ireland, Cork

Barleycove wonderful beach is in the south-west of the country. It won’t disappoint you, even on a windy weather day. Golden sand dunes are washed by clear water. Here you can have fun surfing or kite flying. It is also a blue flag beach.

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